Whiplash! After A Car Accident, What Can I Do?

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Whiplash! After A Car Accident, What Can I Do?

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Whiplash is a term that describes an injury to the neck that occurs after a motor vehicle or car accident.

The most common type of car accident is the rear impact, and most typically the occupant in a vehicle which gets “rear-ended” is at the greatest risk of injury, including the injury termed whiplash.

Until recently, the cause of the pain resulting from a whiplash injury was poorly understood.  Also, as a result of legal and insurance issues, people who complained of neck pain and symptoms after an accident were often viewed as suspect.  Recent research has helped to clarify why people involved in a rear end collision experience a greater incidence of injury than those in other types of accidents.  This new information is important for the doctor treating whiplash pain, since it impacts upon how to best serve the person who is suffering from these injuries.

Whiplash injuries are often very complex, and can include a variety of related problems including:

Joint Dysfunction: One or more joints of the spine may loose its proper resiliency and shock absorption resulting in a restricted range of movement and pain.

Disc Herniation: A whiplash accident may injure the discs between the bones of the spine leading to small tears.  These small tears allow the jelly-like center or nucleus to bulge out causing pressure on delicate, sensitive spinal nerves.  These injuries can create pain which radiates from the neck into the arm, and can also cause numbness, tingling and even grip strength and arm weakness.

Research at the Biomechanics Laboratory at Yale University along with live crash tests using human volunteers has shed new light on the causation of whiplash pain and the best protocols to help whiplash victims.  A common misconception about whiplash injury is that if the vehicle doesn’t sustain damage in a low speed impact, then injury to the occupant does not occur.  The reality is that relatively low speed impacts can cause higher dynamic forces on the occupants since there is no energy absorbed by the crushing of metal.

It is important to seek care from a doctor who has the training to successfully manage whiplash injury, along with the expertise to explain the causes of these injuries.  Dr. David Mruz has been treating car accident injuries for over 30 years and has the knowledge and experience to help you successfully manage your condition.  Dr. Mruz has been recognized as an expert witness in the field of chiropractic, and has provided his expert testimony in multiple court cases for his patients.

Should I Get An Attorney after an Automobile Accident? A Chiropractor’s Perspective

As a chiropractor, I see many automobile accident victims. Some of my patients have been in minor collisions, where there is little damage to their vehicle, and others have had their automobile declared a total loss by an insurance claims adjuster. Many automobile accident victims wonder if they need an attorney. In my opinion, the reality of the modern insurance system requires the help of an attorney. Typically I focus on helping automobile accident victims with whiplash, but today I want to explain how an attorney can help after an automobile accident.

An attorney can help with all aspects of an automobile accident claim or injury. Despite popular opinion, calling an attorney about your accident doesn’t necessarily mean that you are suing someone. What it does mean is that you are getting help from a professional who has years of experience in navigating the insurance claims maze. The average person may be involved in an auto accident once or twice in a lifetime. We have no reason to learn all of the rules and laws relating to car accidents. In contrast, insurance company claims adjusters deal with multiple accidents every day, and it is their job to know the rules and laws relating to accident claims. Unfortunately, some claims adjusters use their knowledge of the law to shield the insurance companies from expenses which are rightfully due to accident victims. Consulting an attorney helps you “level out” the playing field with someone on your team who also knows the rules of the legal game, and who can recognize when the rules are being violated.

On a more practical level, an attorney can save you countless hours on the phone with insurance adjusters who really don’t care about your well-being. They can also allow you to concentrate all of your efforts on recovery and getting well.

Eastside Chiropractic only engages with the best attorneys in the Greenville area. We have learned through trial and error who best takes care of our chiropractic patients. These attorneys also make sure that all of your accident-related medical bills are taken care of, which is again a big stress reliever at the end of your care.

If you are an auto accident victim in Greenville or Upstate South Carolina, we can help you find a good attorney, even if you are not one of our chiropractic patients. We are here to help, and helping is always our goal at Eastside Chiropractic. Don’t hesitate to call and make an appointment to talk about your accident. Besides offering chiropractic help, we can help you schedule a complimentary consultation with a reputable local attorney. Your body needs to serve you for many years to come, it only makes sense to protect and care for it!

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