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Chiropractic Travelers Rest – Eastside Chiropractor is an “in network provider” with all major insurance carriers in the upstate.  If you are insured by Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS), South Carolina Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA), United Healthcare (UHC), Cigna, Aetna and many others, we are in network providers for Travelers Rest residents and can offer you care at discounted rates available to insureds.  Call us first if you are an employee of PRISMA Health, Michelin Corporation or BMW Manufacturing.  No medical referral is needed!  Eastside Chiropractic Serves Travelers Rest and surrounding areas.

We provide effective pain relief procedures and are successful with many issues including; whiplash, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches (including migraine).  We serve Travelers Rest SC and also serve Greer, Taylors, Marietta, Slater, Greenville, and North Greenville. We serve auto accident victims and will work with many attorneys.

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Dr. Mruz and his staff are absolutely outstanding. What a warm and welcoming environment at this office. Dr. Mruz was very upfront about my treatment plan. After careful evaluation, he stated that for my particular problem he would treat me for 3 weeks and if that did not help, there was nothing more he could do. As it turns out, I went from being in excruciating pain, barely able to walk, work, or even drive my car, to being completely free of pain and back to normal function within those 3 weeks of treatment. After that, he released me from care as promised. I appreciated not being needlessly strung along. I also deeply appreciated the positive results of the treatment he provided. Dr. Mruz did for me what weeks of physical therapy and multiple spinal injections could not: gave me my life back. To say I highly recommend this office is an understatement. Mr. Mruz and his staff are by far the best in the business.

Angie Alexander

Travelers Rest, SC

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Looking For a Travelers Rest Chiropractor?

We are located just a short drive from Travelers Rest. We have may patients who travel from all over the upstate to see Dr Mruz.

Travelers Rest Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic Adjustment

Eastside Chiropractic offers many types of treatment options. Some of our most popular treatment options include Chiropractic Adjustments, Sports Injury Management, Low Level Laser Therapy, Spinal Decompression,  and Massage Therapy. For chiropractic adjustments we offer the traditional style of adjustments as well as computer assisted spinal correction methods using the Proadjuster.  We want to treat you with the adjustment style that you are most comfortable with. When you visit please let us know what chiropractic adjustment style you prefer. You are welcome to also do both.  If you have never tried the Proadjuster method we welcome you to try it. It is the favorite style of adjustment for many of our patients.


We are one of the few chiropractic offices that offer the Pulstar Proadjuster chiropractic treatment. Surveys have shown that 93% of patients prefer the Proadjuster treatment over other chiropractic treatments.

The Pulstar Proadjuster is a computerized tool that gives precise readings into problem areas with your spine. This Proadjuster tool provides a more gentle treatment option. It uses the exact amount of force needed in your problem areas. These treatments are not only highly effective, they are safe for children and people with osteoporosis.

About Dr Mruz – Chiropractor Travelers Rest

Chiropractor Dr. Mruz has been serving Travelers Rest and other areas of Upstate SC for almost 40 years. He has a A+ Rating and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. He is originally from Long Island, NY.

After a car accident while he was attending college he suffered from terrible headaches and neck pain. A classmate suggested he seek chiropractic care. After treatment the neck pain and headaches greatly diminished. This inspired Dr Mruz to seek a career in Chiropractic.

Top Rated Chiropractor

Eastside Chiropractic is one of the highest rated chiropractic offices in Upstate South Carolina. We have an A+ Rating as well as accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. We have 5 star ratings on Google, Yelp, and

When to See A Travelers Rest Chiropractor

Chiropractic professionals are a group of South Carolina licensed health care providers who can offer great benefit to many who suffer from pain.  It is important, and it is my goal to give you a clarification of when it is appropriate to see a chiropractor.  This short article will help you understand when to see a chiropractor for your health concerns.

When seeking a Travelers Rest chiropractor, there are certain conditions for which chiropractic has a well-established, evidence-based history of success.  I base my practice on the treatment of conditions for which there is no controversy that patient success is achievable.

An easy way to understand what a chiropractor does is to consider that there are two kinds of physical health problems:  anatomical problems (a broken bone, a ruptured disc, a torn ligament) and functional problems (a joint under too much stress)

I am a part of the great majority of chiropractors who treat functional problems or joints which aren’t working right.  Things that should move a lot, aren’t moving much and things that shouldn’t move, are.  We fix (or manage) problems with muscles, joints and nerves without using drugs or surgery.  We use our hands, along with our knowledge and training with rehabilitative exercises and stretches to normalize and stabilize problems with muscles, joints and nerves.  The most unique of chiropractic methods known as joint manipulation or spinal and joint adjustment taps the ‘reset’ button on the irritated and stuck joint.

We as chiropractic physicians are almost like the opposite of your family doc.  They know a lot about all the different sicknesses you can have, and enough about musculoskeletal issues to know where to send you.  Our treatment wheelhouse are musculoskeletal problems and the joints that hurt, and we know enough about illnesses to know where to refer you for treatment if needed.

If you have back pain, neck pain, or pain in any joint you may be a candidate for chiropractic care.  How to find out?  My number one priority with any potential new patient is to find out whether they are a candidate for chiropractic care.  The tools we use to make this determination include a history, physical examination and when appropriate, x-rays and other special studies which may include CT or MRI.  If there are no medical red flags, we move forward with treatment.  If treatment offers benefit you may have relief within a few visits.  Move better = feel better!

If you are looking for a Travelers Rest chiropractor to keep you going in your work and/or outdoor adventures give us a call at Eastside Chiropractic 864-292-6777. We are a short drive down S-23-22/State Park Road. Directions are below.

About Travelers Rest, SC

Chiropractic Travelers restTravelers Rest is a growing community just north of Greenville, SC. You will encounter this charming place as  you head into or out of the mountains of upper South Carolina and Western North Carolina. It got its name because it was often where travelers rested prior to venturing into the mountains.

Travelers rest hosts many great restaurants such as Shortfields and Farmhouse Taco’s.  For outdoor adventurers, Sunrift is a great spot to get geared up for your next excursion.

The Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail starts or ends in Travelers Rest based on which direction you are traveling from. This trail is one of the highlights of the Upstate SC region. It is approximately 22 miles long and runs from Travelers Rest to the Lake Conestee Nature Park. The trail provides recreation for residents of the areas it runs through as well as visitors. If you would like to rent bikes to ride the trail and are starting in the Travelers Rest area Sunrift Adventures is the place to go.

Another great place close to Travelers Rest is Paris Mountain State Park.  At the park you can enjoy fishing, swimming, kayaking, hiking, biking, or just as a scenic spot for lunch. You can bring your own kayaks or canoes but they are also available to rent. Campsites are also available.

Within the town limits of Travelers Rest is Trailblazers Park which often hosts live music, the farmers market, food trucks, as well as a variety of events. If you like horseback riding or mountain biking you should check out Riverbend Equestrian Park.

Many residents of Travelers rest are outdoor enthusiast who love hiking, cycling, kayaking, as well as a host of other outdoor activities. Additionally there are many farms in the Travelers rest area. Farming is often hard physical labor. Although I am not a farmer, I am an avid cyclist and know how great physical exercise is for you. With that being said with increased motion you can easily get out of alignment especially if using improper exercise techniques or form. I have treated many cyclist and other athletes in my many years as a chiropractor serving Travelers Rest.

If you are looking for a Travelers Rest chiropractor to keep you going in your work and/or outdoor adventures give us a call at Eastside Chiropractic 864-292-6777. We are a short drive down S-23-22/State Park Road. Directions are below.

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Testimonial – Chris Butler
Champion Systems Cyclist

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