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At Eastside Chiropractic PA we serve as primary care professionals focused on your spine and joint health.

For over 35 years, chiropractor Greenville SC, Dr. David H. Mruz has focused his practice methods on effective procedures and techniques, and provides excellent outcomes for patients.   New to chiropractic? We provide care using advanced and painless methods with ProAdjuster computer assisted technology.

Learn more about us! Read some of our reviews at the bottom of this page and more chiropractor Greenville SC reviews here.

Dr David Mruz uses best chiropractic practices along with effective and affordable procedures to help you feel better quickly.  Our goal is to rapidly help you achieve relief of pain.  Chiropractic care can help with the resolution of many painful conditions, including:



Our chiropractic center is located in Taylors, South Carolina (3014 Wade Hampton Blvd., Taylors, SC 29687), just a short drive from Greenville, and Greer, South Carolina.

If  you’re like most of our patients, you value quality care and honesty, transparency and responsiveness in all business matters.  We have maintained accreditation with the Better Business Bureau to assure our patients of our commitment to these values.

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Dr David Mruz Talks About What To Expect On Your First Chiropractic Visit…

chiropractor greenville sc
Dr David Mruz

Thanks for stopping by and visiting our website. If you’ve arrived here, chances are you are considering chiropractic care, perhaps for the first time!  I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our chiropractic facility. Here at Eastside Chiropractic we are primary care professionals focused on your spine and joint health. If you have pain, we will take the time to find out the reason for your problem or pain before recommending chiropractic treatment. A clear diagnosis allows us to proceed with confidence knowing that chiropractic care can be an effective treatment. We will always provide a caring and supportive environment through every step of the relief or rehabilitation process. At Eastside Chiropractic PA, there are never any unnecessary long term recommendations or excessive costs. With the help of next generation chiropractic technology, we have the ability to show you exactly what’s going on at each step of your treatment, and we help you take an active role in your own recovery and health.

Insurance Questions?

Do you have health or accident insurance? Our staff is here to help provide you with answers, check benefits and help you achieve maximum participation from your insurance carrier. And yes, we can file your insurance for you! We are network providers for many insurance carriers including Blue Cross/Blue Shield. We follow best practices for low back pain, neck pain and headache care.

Chiropractor Greenville SC
Eastside Chiropractic PA Greenville SC

Looking for a chiropractor in Greenville or Taylors SC ? We maintain an  A+ rating with the BBB.  We have focused our practice on the effective treatment of back and neck pain for 36 years.  Take comfort in knowing that more than 80% of our patients are referred by current and former patients or by other doctors including family practitioners, internists, orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons. People love what we do and are eager to see others seeking a chiropractor obtain the quality of care we offer. Wondering about cost, timing, what to expect, or if chiropractic is right for you? Find answers to your chiropractic questions here.

Eastside Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

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Chiropractor Greenville SC Highest Rated.

*Highest rated claims based on Google reviews and Healthgrades reviews for the search terms Chiropractor Greenville SC, and Greenville Chiropractic, Eastside Chiropractic, Chiropractic Health Center Greenville SC.

Recent Patient Reviews – Eastside Chiropractic (Chiropractor Greenville SC)

5★ on Google, Jun 09, 2016
Andzs Flaksis
Great place! Feels great after every visit! My sore back loves this spot!
Business Response:
Thank you! It’s a pleasure to be able to help you Andzs! Chiropractor Greenville SC
5★ on Google, Jun 08, 2016
Jeff Clark
5★ on Google, Mar 28, 2016
Leah Crumley
In June of 2014, I hurt my back SO badly. I was in tears and could barely get off the couch. Thanks to Dr. David, I felt instant improvement after the first adjustment and was back to normal in a few weeks. I keep going back just to stay aligned and feeling well! Dr. David and his staff are always welcoming, friendly, and I feel like they genuinely care about me as a person. The appointments are short and they have a lot of options for appointment times. I highly recommend Eastside Chiropractic greenville sc!

5★ on Google, Feb 23, 2016
Carole Williams
Can’t say enough great things about Dr. David and his staff! While helping with my pain and mobility, they have given me courage. I have been under chiropractic care for years due to neck injuries and pain. Over the past few years it has gotten much worse and felt I needed a different approach. Eastside Chiropractic has made all the difference. I have been under care for about a month and have seen great improvement! They are compassionate while being efficient and knowledgeable. Combining physical therapy with massage and the pro-adjusting technique gives me confidence and empowers me to participate in daily activities again without fear.
5★ on Yellow Pages, Feb 09, 2016
David G.
After 4 months of severe pain from a bulging disk in my neck I went to see Dr Dave at Eastside. I had taken the prescribed pain pills (which I hate) injections and physical therapy. Nothing worked.  After two weeks working with Dr Dave, my pain went from level 9-10 to 1-2 and getting better. I was meeting with a Surgeon to have neck surgery. I’m now able to avoid all that. Brought me out of the darkness of pain. Nothing worse!  Thanks, Dr Dave and awesome Staff….
5★ on Google, Jan 12, 2016
Trader Joe
Exceptional care and very good explanation of what’s going on!!!!
5★ on Facebook, Dec 10, 2015
Amy Heigel
Dr. David has helped me out tremendously. I have had multiple spinal, head, neck injuries growing up, and have been under chiropractic care for years. My neck aches and headaches were so extreme that I was seeking a chiropractic adjustment 3 times a week with no relief. I sought out Dr. David and through his and his wonderful staffs therapy treatments and regular adjustments I am suffering far less then I ever imagined. I am able to go 2-3 weeks without nearly any pain. Dr. David has an incredible plan to help me be relieved of all my pain I’ve been suffering from for nearly 10 years. I am forever grateful!
5★ on Facebook, Dec 10, 2015
I absolutely love Dr. Dave. I began seeing him a few years ago when I was experiencing severe pain from a car accident that happened when I was a teenager. After a few sessions, the pain was completely gone. I still see him for regular maintenance. A few weeks ago I was in another accident. My car was hit by someone who ran a stop light. My car was impacted on the driver’s side and my car spun around. I once again found myself in pain. After one visit, my pain was gone. I’m very thankful Dr. Mruz and his team.
5★ on Facebook, Dec 09, 2015
Keren Hawley Threlfall
I am so thankful for the skilled work of Dr. David Mruz. Some spinal issues contributed to a major nose dive in my health, and as a mom of four young kids, living with pain and dizziness made life very challenging.
Dr. Mruz came up with a treatment plan, and took time each week to educate me on his assessment, discuss my progress, and make sure I was on the right track for improvement.
When he saw symptoms that were outside his scope of work, he made sure to refer me to a n…
His staff is gracious and professional, and make booking (and remembering!! :)) appointments easy to do.

5★ on Facebook, Dec 08, 2015
Liz Perry
Great chiropractor! Highly recommended.
5★ on Google, Dec 08, 2015
Paul Jamieson
Since moving to Greenville in 1986, Dr. David has been my chiropractor and has improved my well being. He has used progressive techniques and products.
5★ on Google, Dec 08, 2015
Judy Tuttle
Dave Mruz is simply the best! He has helped me so much. He is honest and has a geniune interest in the health of his patients. You can trust Dr. Mruz to do what is best for you.
5★ on Google, Dec 07, 2015
Josh Wagner
I’ve been to many, many chiropractors. Dr. Mruz stands apart.
He truly listens to his patients and delivers on what you’re looking for.
If you’re suffering from headaches, back or neck pain (chronic or acute)
you’re in the right hands with Eastside Chiropractic.
Schedule a consult with him – don’t wait any longer.
5★ on Google, Dec 06, 2015
Dr. Scott Simmerman
I have known David for a long time, initially from his work with the Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club and from his reputation helping local athletes with different performance issues.
For my own pain-related problems, he has been very helpful. I have also gotten massages from his associates for many years.
David is personable, knowledgeable and helpful. His approach to pain management makes good sense and I can recommend him highly on all accounts.
5★ on Google, Dec 06, 2015
Liz P
Dr. Mruz and his staff are wonderful. I have been to many chiropractors over the years and I have had to most rapid results here. In addition to being very effective, Dr. Mruz is also genuinely concerned for his patients’ health and comfort.
5★ on Google, Dec 06, 2015
Keren Threlfall
I am so thankful for the skilled work of Dr. David Mruz. Some spinal issues contributed to a major nose dive in my health, and as a mom of four young kids, living with pain and dizziness made life very challenging. Dr. Mruz came up with a treatment plan, and took time each week to educate me on his assessment, discuss my progress, and to make sure I was on the right track for improvement. When he saw symptoms that were outside his scope of work, he made sure to refer me to a neurologist right away.
His staff is gracious and professional, and make booking (and remembering!! :)) appointments easy to do.
Additionally, I have complemented my chiropractic treatment with massage therapy. Being able to do so at the same office and schedule back-to-back appointments has made this an easy choice when I’ve chosen this route.
5★ on Google, Dec 06, 2015
Robyn Miller
I and my family have been seeing Dr Dave for over 15 years. He has brought me through cancer, 6 kids adjusting (no pun intended!) to the death of their father in 2003, and now the general aches and pains of life working retail at age 57. Colin and Mandy in the office always find a way to get me in when I need it and the care is compassionate and overall FANTASTIC.
5★ on Reviews Today, Dec 04, 2015
Ty m.
I’ve been seeing dr. Mruz for 2 years now, and I have to say his expertise is unparalleled. As a professional cyclist, I constantly deal with being crooked on the bike. One trip to the office gets me back on the bike and ready to take on the strenuous miles
Day in and day out. Highly recommended!
5★ on Facebook, Dec 03, 2015
Melinda Murrell Fox
After solving my neck problems in 2011, I go monthly to Dr. Dave to keep everything in line. He is great and it is easy to make and/or change appointments.
5★ on Facebook, Dec 03, 2015
Excellent care from the best in Greenville. Dr. Mruz digs into your problem and has the technical capabilities for real improvement. You’re not a number at his practice. He’s treated athletes at the highest of levels both locally and nationally.
5★ on Facebook, Dec 03, 2015
Eastside Chiropractic and Dr.Mruz have been treating my family and me for many years. Dr Mruz does a great job and his staff is efficient and friendly. I highly recommend him.
5★ on Google, Dec 02, 2015
Suzanne Ringger
Eastside chiropractic keeps me moving, I get great improvement in my range of motion.
5★ on Google, Dec 02, 2015
Tonya Wilson
Dr. Dave is nothing short of a miracle worker. I’ve been a patient of his for at least three years. My prior chiropractor was a “bone cracker”. I used to dread those appointments and would sometimes leave in more pain than when I entered. Dr. Dave primarily does pulse therapy, which can feel like a massage at times. I began going to see Dr. Dave because of severe pain in by back and pelvis (from scoliosis and prior car accident). After only a few sessions, my pain was completely gone. I know see him every 3-4 weeks for “regular maintenance”. Yep…your back is like your car. You must maintain both in order for them to work well. A few weeks ago I was in another car accident. My work and school schedule was very hectic and I did not have time to see Dr. Dave immediately after my accident. I was once again in severe back pain and sharp burning pain running down my left leg from sciatica. I was miserable and could not sleep. The pain was so bad, taking pain meds and icing my back barely took the edge off. I finally called Dr. Dave’s office and Mandy worked me quickly in. It was amazing!! My pain began to immediately improve. I went back to see him today, which was only two days after that appointment and I am completely pain free. Dr. Dave is a wonderful man, who loves Jesus and people. Mandy and Colin, (a.k.a Sheldon and Amy Ferra Fowler) are his side kicks. They keep he and the office running smoothly. I would highly recommend Eastside Chiropractic. Oh…he also has a way to make those horrible sinus headaches go away. Yipee!!! 🙂
5★ on Google, Dec 02, 2015
Stephen Reel
Dr. Mruz is incredible! After a ski accident a few years ago left me with limited range of motion in my upper back and shoulders, Dr. Mruz gently and patiently restored me to full capacity. I am now pain free and able to resume an active, athletic lifestyle. With regular maintenance visits, I am healthier than ever. I also suffered for many years with multiple sinus issues which have all been resolved through regular chiropractic care. Dr. Mruz has literally changed my life!
Stephen Reel
5★ on Google, Dec 02, 2015
Melinda Fox
I have been going to Dr. Dave since 2011. After I had my firstborn, my hands kept going numb and had pain in my wrist. I started going to Dr. Dave and after a few months, was pain free. I continue to go monthly to keep my back and neck in line. Dr. Dave is very patient and desires to see his patients pain-free.
5★ on Google, Dec 02, 2015
Chris Swit
I started going to Eastside Chiropractic to correct my bad back posture. It only took a couple of visits before I noticed results. When friends and family started commenting on how straight my posture was, I knew for sure the treatment was working. This is the place to go for anyone with trouble with bad posture or back pain!
5★ on Google, Dec 02, 2015
burton johnson
I’ve had care for my back over 15 years. Dr. Mruz is one of the best I’ve encountered. If you want someone who will really dig into your problem with you and has the technical capabilities for real improvement, then Dr. Mruz is a good fit. You’re not a number at his practice. He’s treated athletes at the highest of levels both locally and nationally.
5★ on Google, Dec 01, 2015
Sharon Shirley
Friendly and professional folks who work effectively to relieve pain.
5★ on Google, Nov 17, 2015
Peter Brown
I had issues with alignment and back/neck pain that was affecting my performance as an athlete and performing regular activities with my family. After an initial consultation and some immediate treatment, an agreed recovery plan was put in place. I have regained flexibility the pain has been resolved. I am very pleased with the results. Both Dr Mruz and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend a visit to anyone experiencing back/neck pain or other functional movement issues, especially athletes, if you want to perform at your best.
5★ on Facebook, Oct 20, 2015
Hope Adams Barbare
My husband and I both are patients. Dr Dave and his staff are professional and caring. In a few weeks treatment I was free of back pain and numbness in my fingers.
5★ on Google, Oct 19, 2015
charlie wilson
Dr Mruz is an outstanding Chiropractor!! I went to him with bad muscle and nerve pain in both my legs which can be caused by back problems. I have seen him for a month now and very pleased with his approach and treatments, it is amazing to see the tools and high tech items he uses. Dr Mruz and his staff is very professional, organized, and timely on their appointments, I highly recommend anyone with back, neck, legs, etc problems to see him as a first-go to get to the possible root of the problem and solutions, treatments.
5★ on Reviews Today, Oct 12, 2015
The staff and Dr.Mruz are great !!
5★ on Facebook, Oct 08, 2015
Michele Boyle
We have been patients of Eastside Chiropractic for several years. Dr. Dave, as he is known, is super professional, with a warm, caring and friendly attitude towards his patients. He listens intently to diagnose your aches and pains and takes the proper steps to help you feel better immediately. He has helped Michael with his back pain, giving him relief from the pressure on it. Several months ago I had surgery that left me with pain in my hip to swelling and pain in my feet. After returning to the different doctors related to the surgery and still no answer as to what caused it, and mainly getting discouraged with the pain, I finally went to Eastside Chiropractic.
Dr. Dave took an x-ray, found the problem, is treating me and working with me to overcome the pain problems. The pain and swelling has immensely been reduced after only 2 weeks.
His staff, Mandy and Collin are a big asset. They work great as a team, very helpful, patient, accommodating and friendly. They help with patients, setting them up in the office, filing insurance claims and run the office making sure patients are comfortable.
I give Eastside Chiropractic, Dr. Dave and his team a huge recommendation.
5★ on Google, Oct 07, 2015
Jessica York

4★ on Google, Oct 06, 2015
Lanie Meese
Mr. Mruz is wonderful! I am currently seeing him for chronic migraines and am seeing continuous improvement. I suffered a severe concussion midway through treatment and Dr. Mruz was able to help me through that as well. One of my favorite parts of my experience with Dr. Mruz is how flexible he was during my treatment. When I wasn’t seeing the full results I would have like using the Pro Adjuster system, Dr. Mruz suggested we move to manual adjustments. This switch seemed to make all the difference and the severity and frequency of my migraines have improved tremendously. I would definitely recommend making the trip from downtown Greenville!
5★ on Google, Aug 28, 2015
Sally Nicholson
I have been experiencing significant hand pain on the bicycle. Dr. Mruz examined me and made adjustments to my bike. The pain is completely gone. I highly recommend him for a bike fit.
Business Response:
Thank you Sally! Enjoy the ride!
5★ on Google, Aug 26, 2015
Daniel Moore
Excellent results. Always feel better after a visit to Dr. Mruz.
5★ on Reviews Today, Aug 26, 2015
Thankful for my headache relief! Best doctor experience and compassionate staff.
5★ on Google, Aug 20, 2015
Jesus Magile
Dr. Dave is by far the best chiropractor that ever treated me. As a chiropractor myself I’ve been treated by over 200 different chiropractors and not only is Dr. Dave the most effective, but he is one of the kindest, thoughtful people I’ve ever met . He is beyond highly recommended
5★ on Google, Aug 19, 2015
V Rover
I’ve been going to Dr. Mruz & company for a year and a half now. I have an old back injury that has affected my quality of life for over 30 years. I was resigned to living with the pain, not doing certain activities and just getting adjusted when I would seize up. I’ve been to many, many chiropractors over many, many years with varying results but never relief from the constant low grade pain and restriction of movement I felt I was stuck with. FORTUNATELY, I found Dr. Mruz and his physical therapist, Mandy. I am now pain free and can do almost any activity I choose. Of course, I have to work at it a bit. Thanks to Eastside Chiro, I have a new awareness of body mechanics that keeps me out of trouble and I do the exercises that Dr. Mruz and Mandy have given me at least twice a week. Dr. Mruz made it his mission to figure out what type of treatment would work for me, and with communication and commitment, we did it.. He is quick and efficient, which I was skeptical about for awhile, wondering if such a quick adjustment would do much, but, by Jove, it worked!!! He figured out exactly what I needed and got the job done. I never thought I would be excited about being able to vacuum again. I feel years younger! A big heartfelt thanks to Dr. Mruz and his staff. I feel so lucky to have found you.
5★ on Facebook, Aug 10, 2015
Jayden Benz
The team at Eastside Chiropractic in Taylor’s, SC is by far the best I have ever encountered. Mandy and Collin greet you as soon as you walk in with bright eyes and big smiles, calling you by name after just the first visit. They really know how to make you feel at home and not just like a patient number. They are also very knowledgeable and answer any questions I had with patience and precision. Dr. Mruz leads this amazing team with a master set of skills and cutting edge technology and has a personality to match. You instantly feel safe and know he has your best interest at heart. He takes the time to thoroughly explain your options and his recommendations without requiring you to graduate chiropractic college to understand him. He’s patient, friendly, and most of all knows what he’s doing. I have never left his office without being able to tell that his visit fixed me right up!! They are just all around the best out there!! Give them a try and you’ll never look for another place to go!!
5★ on Reviews Today, Jul 30, 2015
Shannon h.
Dr. Dave is amazing and a true pleasure to go to. Mandy and Colin are fantastic and keep the office on point.
5★ on Reviews Today, Jul 29, 2015
Kristi C.
I play roller derby and Dr Dave keeps me rolling. I wouldn’t trust my back to any one else.
5★ on Reviews Today, Jul 29, 2015
Always a friendly and caring atmosphere. I always feel better and relaxed when the treatment is over. I recommend their services to anyone who is experiencing pain or stiffness
5★ on Google, Jul 29, 2015
John Epley
I injured my back at work. I went to an md360, waited 3 hours, the dr spent 5 minutes to prescribe me an anti inflammatory and muscle relaxer. I went to see Dr. Dave at 7am the next morning before going to work. By 830am I had significant range of motion improvement and flexibility. By the end of the 3rd treatment I felt normal. After just 2 weeks I’m done! If you want to heal, you can trust this team for treatment and know their goal is not to make you broke, it’s to make you whole.
5★ on Reviews Today, Jul 27, 2015
Jared a.
Easily the most knowledgable, helpful, professional chiropractor I’ve ever seen! Office staff is alway helpful. Family environment with excellent care!
5★ on Google, Jul 24, 2015
Chris Sloan
Very professional and knowledgeable. Staff is great!
5★ on Google, Jul 24, 2015
Terri Hardin
Dr. Mruz and staff are wonderful! They have improved my quality of life greatly! I highly recommend them! You will thank yourself!
5★ on Google, Jul 24, 2015
Robert Alberti
Dr. Really has the right moves! Brilliant!
5★ on Facebook, Jul 21, 2015
Jeannine Swindler
Dr. Mruz is a great Chiropractor! He’s definitely the Chiropractor I would send patients to in the Greenville area!
5★ on Facebook, Jul 20, 2015
Gabriel O’Sullivan
When my patient’s need a DC in the Greenville area for their friends or family, Dr Mruz is my go-to choice. Experience. Compassion. Great service!
5★ on Facebook, Jul 20, 2015
Tara Bisogna Layne
Dr. Mruz is a wonderful chiropractor, when I have patients that need to be seen in the Greenville area, I highly recommend him.
5★ on Facebook, Jul 19, 2015
Alykhan Shariff DC
Dr. Mruz has a passion for his profession and it shows. Thanks for being such a great leader.
5★ on Google, Jul 17, 2015
Lynda Moldrem
Always grateful for the care and kindness of the staff and the great work that Dr. Mruz provides. He’s not only knowledgeable, but he is gentle and kind in his handling of his patients. I appreciate the office and the doctor. Thank you for caring and providing a clean and wholesome environment for my care.
5★ on Facebook, Jul 16, 2015
John Epley
I’ve never believed in chiropractors before last year. I thought they could give you some relief, but not fix the problem. Dr. Mruz has changed the way I sit, walk and stand. He is gentle and takes his time to understand and treat your problem. Love this place!
5★ on Reviews Today, Jul 13, 2015
Jane G.
I am an overweight grandmother (73) with lower back problems. Recently, my back problem got worse. I started to notice that after standing for around 20 minutes, I would get this sensation of “icy water” trickling down the outside of my left leg and then it would go numb from the knee up. I could still walk without pain but the numbness didn’t go away until I sat down. This was new and it scared me. My sister has had back surgery and I thought, now it’s ” my turn”. I decided to start with Dr Mruz and if he thought I should, I would go for X-rays etc. He suggested that he adjust my hips and lower back to see if it would relieve the pressure on my nerves. I was sore after the first visit and I worked with ice, Motrin, and legs up for the weekend. That relieved it somewhat. No more ice water feeling but still some numbness. After the second adjustment, I used the ice and pain reliever again. That was Thursday, by Saturday night when I went to bed, I realized that I had no more hip pain. On Sunday in church, I could stand through all the singing with no numbness in my left leg. I am so thankful that Dr Mruz was able to help me. Guess I won’t be going for X-rays yet, but it was a wake up call to me to get back on Weight Watchers.
5★ on Facebook, Jul 12, 2015
Lynda Moldrem
I’ve been under the care of Dr. Mruz and his clinic for years. My back has been a constant issue with a few MRI diagnosed issues. Dr. Mruz’s chiropractic care, I believe, has enabled me to avoid having back surgery. I am thankful each time I visit for the abilities of Dr. Mruz and his office.
5★ on Google, Jul 10, 2015
Ron Countryman
Dr Mruz always has been a help to me for the various back problems I have experienced. He is always willing to discuss isuses I have before treatment.
5★ on Facebook, Jul 01, 2015
Frank Franzo
Dr. David Mruz a very knowledgeable chiropractor. He knows whats bothering me without me having to inform him. Another great thing about him is that HE REALLY CARES. I have been going to him for almost five years now and I`m not planning on going to anyone else for as long as God will allow. His staff makes you feel right at home. They are really helpful down to earth people that make you feel welcomed when ever you visit. I feel heartfelt gratitude to all at Eastside Chiropratic.
5★ on Google, Jul 01, 2015
Mark Kohut
Dr. Mruz is a highly experienced and skilled chiropractor, who really cares about his patients! His 100 Year Lifestyle philosophy helps patients improve their health and stay healthy over their lifetime. With many of our Canadian patients travelling South for the Winter, Dr. David is at the top of my list when referring them for care in this part of SC!
5★ on Google, Jul 01, 2015
Caitlin Rollins
Dr. Mruz is fantastic. He is the best chiropractor I’ve been to.
5★ on Google, Jul 01, 2015
Barbara Campbell
Professional caring and very informed staff…Would not go any where else for back and pain treatment…
5★ on Google, Jul 01, 2015
Erich Pearson
Dr. Mruz is an exceptionally competent chiropractor, and is a key reason why I have been able to maintain a very active life style, including cycling, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, and skiing, despite the abuse I’ve heaped upon myself since my early years! If you have any mobility issues, do yourself a favor, and go see him. You will thank me.
5★ on Facebook, Jun 30, 2015
Leslie Rogers
Dr Dave is amazing! He really helped me out and explained what he was doing the entire time. It was my first time being adjusted and I’ve gone back many times since!
5★ on Reviews Today, Jun 29, 2015
Lisa C.
Dr. Dave and his staff are amazing!
0★ on Foursquare, Jun 25, 2015
chan6ola S
Best service, care and profesionals….they’re awesome
5★ on Reviews Today, Jun 20, 2015
Great place, nice people. Always feels better after apointment!
5★ on Google, Jun 01, 2015
Tom Traver
Recommended by my primary physician, Dr. Mruz diagnosed my spinal deterioration and source of back pain. Each treatment began with tests to determine the source of pain or lack of mobility and then the treatment focuses on that. Dr. Mruz shares his far ranging knowledge of health issues with you and regularly sends out his newsletter. I have been very satisfied with the care and improvements to my back issues.
5★ on Google, May 01, 2015
Maura K
I have had chronic back pain (problems) since I fell off my horse 20 years ago as a teenager. I have been to several Chiropractors over the years but I didn’t realize the difference in treatment until I found Dr. Mruz. New to the Greenville area, I was referred to Dr. Mruz by a Professor at Sherman College (Chiropractic School). I was surprised to find that he treats the specific area and doesn’t just “adjust” things that don’t need to be adjusted. His treatments give immediate results. Movement is restored and my pain got better and better with each visit. It’s been 2 years since I came to his office in tears and could barely walk. I was in BAD shape. I feel amazing now and haven’t had an episode since June 2013. It’s a wonderful office and atmosphere. If you’ve never been to a Chiropractor, take it from me, a good one will change your life.
5★ on Google, Apr 01, 2015
Sonita Leak
When you walk into a chiropractors office, you want to feel more relaxed than before you arrived. Let Dr. Mruz and staff be that calming presence. Whenever you need chiropractic services, call on Eastside!
5★ on Google, Apr 01, 2015
Jean Ann Nigh
Dr Dave has been our chiropractor of choice for 20 years. He has also taken excellent care of my wife and son(s). Our experience with Dr Dave has been extremely pleasing. He has brought back from the brink on numerous occasions when mobility and pain were an unpleasant occurance. In addition, routine treatments and advise have enabled us to maintain active lifestyles, with superior mobility. Thanks again Dr Dave!!
Dr and Mrs Steven C Nigh

5★ on Google, Apr 01, 2015
Dr Gary Mruz
When my patients head south for the winter, I send them to Dr. David Mruz for the best chiropractic care in Greenville, SC.
5★ on Google, Apr 01, 2015
Larry Schmid
I have been seeing Dr. Mruz for years. It started with severe pain from an auto accident, and I have kept it up on a monthly basis for maintenance. I have a home inspection business, and crawling and twisting through attics and crawlspaces tends to throw things out a little. Sometimes I call in the middle of the month if I twist something and it produces severe pain, and after a session, I am pain free and able to continue with my work.
I really admire the professionalism of Dr. Mruz and his staff, and the fact he doesn’t use the “one type of treatment fits all”. He is very knowledgeable and uses a variety of techniques as needed to bring relief when needed.
I would and have highly recommended Dr. Mruz for any chiropractic need.
5★ on Google, Apr 01, 2015
Brian S
Knowledgeable, capable, and NO HIDDEN AGENDA. If he doesn’t think he can help you, he’ll tell you. Period. However, if there’s something that needs a good chiropractor’s touch, he's the man! During my military career, I’ve been to chiropractors all over the country. In my humble opinion, Dr. Mruz is among the finest and most qualified. Cost is reasonable and quality of care is excellent. Back problems, shoulder problems, running problems, etc., so many of the problems we have these days can be traced to your spine. It all starts there and Dr. Mruz is very keen to use the most conservative approaches first.
I race triathlons and can’t perform well with ANY back issues. I’ve been a patient of his since 2014. He fixed my shoulder problem and occasional back problems. I come in when I need it or on a maintenance program (6-8 weeks). I feel great and sleep very well.
Totally and unreservedly recommend Eastside Chiropractic and Dr. Mruz.
Added bonus, no charge for a consult visit!
5★ on Google, Apr 01, 2015
Toms Skujins
Always a pleasure to see these guys. The staff is welcoming and help out. Can’t think of a better chiropractor in town for sure. Know what athletes and just everyday people need. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone.

5★ on Google, Mar 01, 2015
Andi Brown
I’ve been coming here for a couple of years. When I started I had been told by multiple doctors that I was stuck with my back pain and my only choice was to spend my life taking drugs and getting…
5★ on Google, Mar 01, 2015
Renee Faucette
Dr. Mruz and the staff at Eastside Chiropractic have really helped me over the past 8 months. I went to see him after I injured my back. My husband had been going to Eastside and spoke very highly of Dr.Mruz and the staff. Not only did he correct my back issue, but staff also helped instruct me in ways to exercise to prevent injuries in the future.
The whole staff was extremely professional and courteous. I would – and have – recommend them to anyone!
5★ on Facebook, Feb 19, 2015
Rhonda Davidson
I was in a great deal of pain when I first showed up at Dr. Dave’s office- I left feeling normal, and over the week I spent in Greenville, got better and better with the professional and thorough care I received. Considered moving to Greenville just for Dr. Dave!
5★ on Facebook, Feb 10, 2015
Lynn Pittman
Dr. Dave is the most caring health professional by whom I’ve ever been treated. He wants to make people better and to live healthy lives. He inspires me at every visit.
5★ on Facebook, Feb 10, 2015
Alan Berry
Dr Dave is the best at diagnosing and treating spine or neck pain. Before you let an MD cut on you see dr Dave first.
5★ on Google, Jan 30, 2015
Paula Daigle
Dr. Mruz is a true professional and has helped many people I know.
He is the only chiropractor that I refer to in upstate South Carolina.
Everyone I’ve referred to Dr. Mruz has been very pleased with their outcome. It is no wonder that Dr. Mruz has such a successful practice.
As a peer, I can honestly say that Dr. Mruz is an A++ chiropractor.
5★ on Google, Dec 30, 2014
Ric Ramos
Dr Mruz and staff provided me with the best Chiropractic care that i have ever experienced.
Being a long time cyclist and having crashed several times resulted in the common symptoms of a separated shoulder, resulting in shoulder and arm weakness, limited shoulder movement and nerve pain. Of course, not doing my do diligence of rehab at the time of accident it slowly resulted in increased nerve pain and decrease in mobility and the pain slowly intensified and after trying several other chiropractic services, which did not completely remedy the issue.
My first visited with Dr.Mruz was a well educated analysis of all the damage to my shoulder and recommended a schedule of visits to help with the pain and to increase my mobility.
After only two visits, my pain level went from 9 to 5 and now it is 0 to 1 depending on how much shoulder rehab exercises i do. I have to say my shoulder and mental health has much improved since that first visit.
Highly recommend Eastside Chiropratic for general alignments and especially if experiencing pain do to any injuries.
Thank You, Dr.Mruz and staff.
5★ on Google, Dec 30, 2014
Meredith Golla
Dr. Mruz is compassionate and kind. Over the last six months, he has greatly helped my lower back pain so that I could function without as much pain. His gentle approach works wonders and he is very adept at listening to me and answering all of my questions. His staff is supportive and friendly. Appointments are easy to make and Dr. Mruz always sees me in a timely manner, which I appreciate. All of my experiences at Eastside Chiropractic have been positive and I look forward to my appointments because I know I am in trusted hands!
5★ on Google, Dec 30, 2014
Brenda Miller
An essential part of my overall health and wellness. Very professional and friendly atmosphere. Thank you for giving me many years of feeling healthy and happy!
5★ on Google, Dec 30, 2014
Rob Moeder
I have received excellent and expert care at Eastside Chiropractic. Dr. Dave has patiently answered my numerous questions and provided effective treatment for my back and neck. I can work without worrying about my back and I can play with my boys like I should be able to play with them. I can easily recommend Eastside Chiropractic without reservation.
5★ on Google, Dec 30, 2014
Jim Pearso
The team at Eastside Chiropractic have made every visit that I have made very helpful and I always FEEL BETTER when I leave. It is very easy to get an appointment when needed. If I arrive early for an appointment, I am quickly worked in. Everyone in the office are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Dr. David Mruz listens when I describe my pain and its location and makes the adjustments to remove the pain. Before I came to Dr. Murz for treatment my knees and heels hurt all the time. I have not had that pain since the first treatment.
If you have need for a TOP RATE Chiropractic Doctor, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Dr. David Murz!
5★ on Yahoo! Local, Dec 16, 2014
I have been going to see Dr. Mruz for about three years now and words are not enough to explain how much he has helped me. Thanks for all the help!
5★ on Yahoo! Local, Dec 05, 2014
Patti R
Dr Mruz is great. I am on a maintenance schedule and am pain free. Office staff is also very friendly. I was new to the area and he was recommended by a friend. I have been going to him for 3 years
5★ on Yahoo! Local, Dec 01, 2014
Dr. Dave is wonderful! I starting seeing him before my pregnancy and now about every week during my pregnancy. He is a miracle worker! His front office staff always knows you by name and there is an amazing massage therapist on staff now as well!
5★ on Google, Nov 30, 2014
Christopher Manges
After a referral from my family doctor, Dr. Mruz was able to help my back pain in only a week.
5★ on Google, Nov 30, 2014
Leslie Feather
My experiences with Dr. Mruz and his staff have been fantastic. From Mandy, the PT, to Collin, the insurance whiz, to Charlie, the massage therapist and Dr. Mruz himself, all have been extremely caring and competent. Pretty rare to find such a great group of professionals in one office! Highly recommend!
5★ on Yahoo! Local, Nov 22, 2014
Thank you Dr. Mruz. I suffered from headaches for many years. My Neurologist recommended me to Dr. Mruz, and my headaches have been much better!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2014
Joseph Lewis
Great knowledgable experience from a great chiro that has experience with professional athletes, will continue to go back. An essential tool for my training
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2014
Thank you Dr. Mruz!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2014
Thomas Craven
I have travelled all over the world either racing my bicycle or managing our cycling team and I have experienced first hand how good Chiropractic care is crucial to athletic performance. The techniques and knowledge that Eastside employs are absolutely the most advanced that I have seen. I am confidant that they are giving my team the tools and the edge that helps them race competitively day in and day out. If you are looking for a comfortable place to remedy an injury or if you are looking to maintain your body for a performance edge, I would recommend Eastside Chiropractic.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2014
Tina Reusch
I had thought I had tried EVERYTHING…neurologists, primary care, GYN doc, massage, daily supplements, etc. etc….My husband found Eastside Chiropractic and Dr. Mruz, for me, at the beginning of 2014. At that point I had been suffering daily migraines as well as neck, shoulder and lower back pain for quite some time. Since then I have received my regular adjustments from Dr. Mruz and sessions of physical therapy from Mandy. Between the adjustments and the physical therapy work my migraine frequency has been tremendously reduced. I am down to about 1 every 4-6 weeks now. I can only imagine that will continue to improve. Dr. Mruz and his entire staff are wonderful. They truly listen to you. You will NEVER feel like you are being herded like cattle as can be the case in some traditional medical doctor’s offices. Dr. Mruz does not have a “one size fits all” approach. That is the beauty of a chiropractor who is well educated and has a true service oriented mindset. Between his knowledge and the Pro-Adjuster, he can tell exactly what YOU need. On several occasions I have walked into his office WITH a migraine and/or neck, shoulder, etc. pain and left WITHOUT pain. I can’t tell you what a beautiful think that is! In addition, I have had the flexibility to come in on days when I didn’t have an appointment, but had a flare up. I could truly go on and on. The best thing I can think to end this review with is a quote from my young daughter….”It’s great to have you back, mommy.” Thanks to Dr. Mruz and his wonderful staff for giving my husband back his wife and my daughter back her mommy!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2014
Alder Martz
As a professional cyclist who spends long hours hunched over a bike, my posture and alignment is not quite exemplary. However after I visit Dr. Mruz at Eastside Chiropractic, I literally feel like a new man. Knowledgable, caring, punctual, and cheery, Eastside is hands down the best chiropractic care in Greenville and the upstate.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2014
J. Russ Smith
For the Best Chiropractic care in Greenville you will find Dr. Mruz to be friendly, knowledgeable and true to his word. I highly recommend Eastside Chiropractic to everyone living in Greenville and to any travelers that need a great chiropractor on the road.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2014
Ken Stewart
Dr. Mruz is very knowledgeable–and he conveys that to his clients in a manner that is understandable, direct, and compassionate. He’s a great chiropractor, and deserving of serving on the state board as he does!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2014
Anthony Stephens
Great Dr. He knows his Stuff . He is the Best. Mark Stephens
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2014
Austin Keyser
Was in town to check out Furman U. Thanks so much for helping me out during my visit!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2014
Lindsey Robertson
Great office and staff. Was able to get me in same day.
5★ on Facebook, May 06, 2014
Wyatt A. Gilbert
Big thanks to Dr. Mruz and his team. I always leave feeling like a Brand New person.
5★ on Facebook, Dec 07, 2013
Josh Bunney
Dr. Dave and the ProAdjuster changed they way I live. From daily pain that would keep me from being able to walk, to no pain. Eastside Chiropractic is definitely the place to go!
5★ on Facebook, Dec 03, 2013
Amy Holland Hendrix
Need a great chiropractor? This is the place to go.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2013
Tim Brady
I have been extraordinarily pleased with Eastside Chiropractic. Their office runs on time and I can count on getting in and out on schedule. The care is exceptional. This is my first experience with chiropractic.
5★ on Facebook, Jul 31, 2013
Mark Stephens
The Best is Eastside Chiropractic!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2013
Colin Hambrook
Long before I worked for Dr. Dave I was a patient at Eastside Chiropractic. I developed a lower back issue when I was in the Navy and after I got out I suffered immensely with everyday tasks like standing, bending and picking things up. Within a few months of seeing Dr. Dave I felt a world of difference. For the first time in years I was pain free. Now, 4 years later, I still get adjusted on a regular basis and I haven’t felt any pain in my back in years. I owe Dr. Dave my livelihood, my function, and my mobility. Without him, I wouldnt be where I am today.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2013
Jane Geer
My husband and I recently relocated to Greenville and we started going to Dr Mruiz regularly. I have been wearing orthotics in my shoes for some time and they have been very beneficial. Back in January I started having pains in my right hip, knee, and ankle. Dr Mruz would adjust my back and it would hold for around a week and then I was in pain again. He asked me if I was wearing my orthotics all the time and I said I was. He kept after me until I realized that around the home I was barefoot most of the time. Through our discussion, we decided to have my feet rescanned. It turned out that my feet have changed over the years and it was time for new orthotics. They are expensive for sure but the price beats coming in weekly for treatment! 🙂 Since I have started wearing my orthotics everyday, my pain in my hip, knee and ankle has gradually gone away. I only notice any discomfort when it’s about to rain. If I get careless and run around barefoot for too long, the pain will start up again. Once I put on my shoes with the orthotics in them, the pain goes away in about an hour or so. Amazing but true! And the doctor made the orthotics so that one pair can transfer to all of my shoes! Thank you so much for being persistent with me, Dr Mruiz. It’s hard to understand how a pain in my right hip could be caused by my feet but it was and the new orthotics fixed it.
5★ on Facebook, Jul 16, 2013
Jennifer Jones
Dr. Mruz is awesome. He has a great personality. His staff is wonderful. I couldn’t ask for a better place to go for my chiropractic care.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
Jon Evans
Dr. Dave is great! There are so many Chiropractic offices out there it is hard to know where to go. Well, let me help you out. Eastside Chiropractic doesn’t just adjust you then send you on your way. They take the time to get to know you AND your aches and pains and then do what it takes to make you feel better. You won’t find a better DC in South Carolina.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Dr. Mruz has been my chiropractor for twenty years and has kept me pain free from a twisted curvature of the spine. Recently he has helped me manage a sciatica problem. I have great trust and appreciation for what he does and how he has helped me. And also, he is just a really good person! His office staff is efficient and very cordial also.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Doctor Mruz knows what he’s doing and does it well. I’ve gone to many chiropractors around the US and he’s one of the best out there.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Dr. Mruz is fantastic and stays on top of all the latest technology such as the Pro Adjuster. I have been going to Eastside Chiropractic for many years for ongoing issues and would not consider any other chiropractor. I have a very weak neck & back and it does not take much for things to get misaligned and headaches & migraines are the result. A treatment with Dr. Mruz always puts things right and relieves pain. Dr. Mruz is a sensible chiropractor and is quick to advise a visit to a medical doctor for issues he can not address with chiropractic treatment. He is a very personable doctor who always maintains the highest level of professionalism. His staff are also a delight to work with. I highly recommend Dr. Davud Mruz and Eastside Chiropractic!!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Dr. Mruz’s extensive experience in the field and his assimilation to incorporate new technology allows him to provide the best possible service to his patients. Eastside Chiro has definitely made a difference in my performance.
Business Response:
Thanks so much for your review Chris. Looking forward to following your success for team Champion System in 2012! -Dr. Dave
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
The adjustments stay in place longer and most of the time I no longer have headaches. I feel better!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
I have been going to Dr. Mruz for 10 years, and I wouldn’t go to anyone else. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He uses state of the art equipment called the ProAdjuster and it is amazing. I always leave there feeling better! You will not be disappointed.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Dr. Mruz and staff are “hands down” the best in the upstate 🙂 I am an active cyclist and coach youth sports, but I sit at a computer all day at work. After nearly 2 decades of sitting prone during workdays, I began having nerve pinching and extreme discomfort in my neck and shoulders. Some friends advised me to seek a surgical solution, but Dr. Mruz has effectively addressed the issue – I never have any of the symptoms I started with. I’d highly recommend Eastside Chiro to anyone, just make an appointment and see what you think of Dr Dave’s range of techniques.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
Bob Romine
I have been going to Eastside Chiropractic for 8 months. When I started I had issues with my neck, shoulders, lower back and knees. SInce starting my care there I have seen phenominal improvement. My pain is gone and my golf swing is back due to my vastly improved range of motion. Great success due to Dr. Dave and his treatment!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
My lower back was stiff and painful, but with a few adjustments I now have no pain and better range of motion. Thanks Dr. Mruz!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
I was suffering with headaches and pain that radiated from my hip down my leg. Dr Mruz not only was instrumental to eliminating my headaches but helped me to become pain free – greatly improving my quality of life. I strongly recommend Eastside Chiropractic! Thank you Dr Dave!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
I am very happy with the service provided me by Dr Mruz. I recommend this clinic to anyone with back pain. Anthony
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
HEAVEN SENT are Dr David & his team! I am 63 and my husband, Doug and I are avid hikers and boaters. We are Web developers (PinnacleWebDesign.US) and sell mountain lake land. All high psychical demands. I experienced a back injury that the “doctors” said could ONLY be “managed” the rest of my life with INJECTIONS to my spine! Doug had a knee problem mainly caused by a spine curvature in his lower back. X-rays now show the spine almost straight and his knee is good. Thank God and David life is NORMAL again! We just go once a month now for maintenance. Our renowned nutritionist, Dr Charles Campbell in Clinton SC, uses David and highly recommends him. David uses great technology, not this old bone cracking stuff. See the picture above and visit his web site for details. We both had the the computerized gait scan which was amazing. We have been wearing the orthotic devices (pads) for months; we ordered them immediately. As David explained it just makes sense that since your feet support you, correctly or incorrectly, your body will follow this lead. They were somewhat uncomfortable in the beginning as our feet adjusted to them. Now I don’t even know they are there except I know I am prolonging good health throughout my body. In regard to Cindy below (on 10/4): as David responded, they are quick to resolve any issues although we have had none other than the foot pads were “naturally” uncomfortable in the beginning and they recommended less hours per day until our feet adjusted or they would give our money back. We noticed that immediately both of us were standing up straighter. He even give you his cell phone number. With David’s and the Good Lord’s help WE WILL CLIMB MOUNTAINS AT 100+ PAIN FREE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Great Doctor, Great staff. I have been going to Dr. Mruz for a few months now and they have been nothing but friendly and professional. Dr. Mruz is extremely knowledgeable and not always has the answer but puts it in a way I can understand. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
Brent Bookwalter
Finding someone who possesses the knowledge and understanding to help me through all the minor to serious injuries I deal with is no easy task. Whether it was helping me rehab a broken bone, or healing that mystery pain in my back, Dr. Mruz has always delivered. He’s a pleasure to work with and I always leave East Side Chiropractic feeling better. Thank you Dave!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Great work, helpful and nice people, helped a lot more than any other chiropractor!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Dr. Mruz has done some amazing things to better my health and everyday life over the last eight years. I couldn’t think of a better person or office to work with. Thanks for the help!
Business Response:
Thanks Craig! It’s been a pleasure working with you. Best wishes for the 2012 season! Dave
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Dr. Mruz and staff are the best around. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. I have seen first hand the results that his patients see through comprehensive evaluations and treatments. If you are looking for Chiropractic care, don’t waste your time looking elsewhere, Eastside Chiropractic is the way to go!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
First started going after a fall messed up my neck 12 yrs ago. That issue was solved, but I kept going back b/c long hours with bad posture on the computer combined with lots of outdoor activities (and bike wrecks) and getting older take their toll. Dr. Dave is an active person and knows what it is like to want to stay active. This has always been a plus for me. He has kept me from having to go to orthopedists and/or having to rely on pain medications. Yea! The office staff has been very friendly and helpful through the years.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Dr. Dave is great, I love his treatments and his profession yet caring bedside manner!!!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Bike Fit extraordinaire- Was referred by avid cyclist, and now know why everyone raves. Keep up the great work Dr. Mruz and ride on!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
I was in Greenville for a business meeting and had need of Dr Mruz’s services at Eastside Chiropractic PA, he sorted out my back pain quickly, I can recommend Eastside Chiropractic PA to all Canadians traveling south.
Steve – Ontario, Canada.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Dave has been my only chiropractor since a gymnastics accident when I was in school almost thirty years ago. His hands did in a matter of minutes what prescriptions I had been taking for weeks couldn't do. Even as a high school kid, I could sense the power in his work. He and his hands are irreplaceable. If you are hurting, it’s time to give his office a call and set an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
I had my first visit with Dr Mruz today. Feeling unbelievable after just one visit…..I hope every office I visit in the future will have as knowledgeable and wonderful staff. I have never posted a review on Google before, highly recommend this chiropractic office.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Eastside Chiropractic is GREAT. I sit at a computer all day and have trouble keeping active outside the office. I’ve been seeing Dr. Dave for routine maintenance for years. He and the staff are top of the line. Very professional, easy to talk with. I really like the technology that shows a clear picture of what’s happening with my back. Early morning hours help me keep my appointment and my normal daily routine.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
My son is a high school basketball player, and was suffering from low back pain and knee pain that was bad enough to bench him. We visited an orthopedic doctor, and I was surprised to have him recommend me to Dr. Mruz. After only 3 visits to Dr. Mruz my son was pain free! Thank you so much Eastside Chiropractic! If you are a parent of a student athlete, this can be your first stop. Dr. Mruz told me that if he couldn’t help, he would make a referral to an appropriate doctor.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
I just visited Dr Mruz at Eastside Chiropractic and am very impressed. Dr Mruz is very friendly and went the extra mile to explain my issues. I feel better already.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
I was not crazy about going the chiropractic route to help with my hip problems. After 6 months I cannot express how thankful I am for the way I have been treated. I did not want to be “adjusted” by pops and cracks….thank you for your patient and caring ways!
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
Colin Hambrook
I am a disabled veteran of the United States Navy who has had problems with my back for ten years now. After I was discharged because of my low back problems I started seeing Dr. Mruz on a regular basis and saw almost immediate relief. I have been a patient for over 3 years now and I owe a debt of thanks to Dr. Mruz and the staff of Eastside Chiro for helping me regain my life. I know I wont ever be 100% but Dr. Dave has got me to the point where I can comfortbly do all the things that I did before I became disabled.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Great Doctor and Friendly staff. I would hightly recommend Eastside Chiropractic to anybody needing a good Chiropractor.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Thank You Dr. Mruz! I was in Greenville on business with severe back pain and needed relief. Dr. Mruz saw me on short notice and a made an instant difference with a couple of adjustments. I only wish I could find a Chiropractor this great at home. Thank You.
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
A Google User
Dr. Dave and his staff are awesome! I have struggled with back/neck pain for months, and in two sessions Dr. Mruz made all the difference in the world, my pain is virtually no longer non-existent. I would highly recommend Dr. Dave and his staff to anyone in need of a chiropractor. Dr. Dave is simply “the best.”
5★ on Google, Jul 31, 2012
Paul Dawson
Dr Dave a true proffesional. I needed to find somone in a hurry and found this business to be truely professional and caring. I would recommend Dr Mruz to anyone to anyone in the area, or even just passing through on holiday. The level of care is excellent.
5★ on Citysearch, Sep 21, 2011
Upstate’s Best Chiropractor – Highest integrity,lastest techniques, truly caring.
Simply the best!
5★ on Citysearch, Sep 08, 2011
Bob And
Great Chiropractor – what a great doc and great man….my favorite chiropractor
5★ on Google, Aug 01, 2011
Robert Alexander
I was in a car accident (rear-ended). Dr. Mruz had me absolutely pain free in less than a month!
Business Response:
I discovered chiropractic care as a result of my injuries from an auto accident. I sincerely enjoy helping my patients overcome motor vehicle accident pain! DHM
5★ on Google, Aug 01, 2011
A Google User
Dr. Mruz treated me while living in the area and I loved his adjustments with the Pro-Adjuster. He really listened to me and my complaints and I appreciated that very much. If I am ever back in the area, I will definetly make an appointment with Dr. Mruz. Business Response:
Dear Mary Lynn, It was so great to see your review! I hope all is well with you in NC. Thanks again, Dr. David H Mruz
4★ on Google, Aug 01, 2011
A Google User
Great place, amazing technology. All the staff is gentle and caring. I loved how Dr. Mruz could adjust me the same day I went in for the XRay. He let me know that my pain was important to him, and he helped me get better.

Business Response:
Thank you for your review! I am glad that we were able to help you feel better quickly! Dr. Dave
5★ on Google, Aug 01, 2011
A Google User
Dr. Mruz is great.
Business Response:
Thank you!
5★ on Google, Aug 01, 2011
A Google User
Dr. Mruz and his staff do an excellent job. I had headaches and bad posture when I started seeing Dr. Mruz. They arose from bad study habits. My headaches are gone and have not returned, and the bad posture has been fixed. I can now study in comfort. I highly recommend Dr. Mruz and Eastside Chiropractic.
Business Response:
Thanks for mentioning posture in your review! Most people don’t associate chiropractic care with the improvement of posture, and yet removing postural stress is one of the chief ways to remove the cause of many chronic headaches. DHM
5★ on Google, Aug 01, 2011
A Google User
I had been suffering with headaches for most of my life, and seen doctors and other chiropractors. My experience at Eastside Chiropractic has been amazing. I’ve gone for over 6 months without having any more headaches, and I had them at least once a week prior to being treated there!
Thanks to Eastside Chiropractic!!!!!!!
5★ on Google, Aug 01, 2011
A Google User
Dr. Mruz and Eastside Chiropractic are the best at what they do! The whole staff is very friendly and experienced. If you are experiencing back pain or migraines I highly recommend checking them out immediately. I suffered from migraines for years and thanks to Dr. Mruz and the proadjuster my migraines have subsided. They have so much more to offer too, such as Chiro HCG weightloss programs, nutritional counseling, massage therapy and much more.
Business Response:
Dear Eric, It was my sincere pleasure to be able to help you with the resolution of your migraine headaches. Sincerely, Dr. David Mruz
5★ on Google, Aug 01, 2011
A Google User
My husband introduced me to Dr. Mruz over 20 years ago and I’ve been going to Eastside Chiro ever since. Dr. Mruz helped me get through the low-back pain during my 3 pregnancies and other issues that have come up from time to time. Now Dr. Mruz treats our entire family.
Business Response:
Dear Nancy, It has been a great pleasure serving you and your family through the years! Sincerely, David H Mruz, DC
5★ on Google, Aug 01, 2011
A Google User
I have been relying Dave Mruz for all my chiropractic care for years; I love the Pro-Adjuster system and the amazing results. I have recommended Eastside many times without hesitation, knowing that the staff is courteous and the staff is prompt & professional, and the procedures are effective. I drive past at least 6 other chiropractic offices to use Eastside, knowing that I will get exactly the assistance that I need.
Business Response:
Dear Karen: Thanks so much for reviewing our office! Your kind words are sincerely appreciated! Dr. Dave
5★ on Citysearch, Jul 31, 2011
Great Chiropractor – Dr. Mruz has helped me overcome several injuries stemming from everyday life activities to my athletic endeavers. He and his staff are always willing to accommodate my needs and schedule. I highly recommend the services offered by…
5★ on Citysearch, May 30, 2011
REVIEW for Eastside Chiropractic PA – Dr. Mruz is excellent helping me and others with pain. A very caring person.
5★ on Kudzu, Sep 29, 2010
I am a disabled veteran of the United States Navy who has had problems with my back for ten years now. After I was discharged because of my low back problems I started seeing Dr. Mruz on a regular basis and saw almost immediate relief. I have been a patient for over a year now and I owe a debt of thanks to Dr. Mruz and the staff of Eastside Chiro for helping me regain my life. I know i wont ever be 100% but Dr. Dave has got me to the point where I can comfortbly do all the things that I did before I became disabled.

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