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Opioids, Pain and the Chiropractic Answer

Opioids - A Needless Epidemic Opioids have been front and center in the news recently.  An epidemic of opioid abuse has been declared by the federal government with over 12 million Americans reported to have misused prescription opioids, and tragically, in 2015 over 25,000 deaths resulted from overdoses of prescribed and synthetic opioids. While I'm [...]

Massage or Other Therapy – How To Make A Choice

Massage or Other Therapy – How To Choose Our human body is a strong and resilient machine, which when taken care of can last for over 9 decades of life.  When the machine breaks down though, it hurts. A massage choice can be an important option for care. When pain happens, there are so many options [...]

How Chiropractic Care Works Wonders on Baseball Injuries

When baseball injuries strike, it's important to know what to do! The crack of a ball against a bat, good! The crack of a back or shoulder, bad! Baseball, the nationwide pastime, heats up in the spring.  The Greenville Drive opens their season on April 6th, and I for one can't wait to visit Flour [...]

Sciatica Pain Sufferers Listen Up: Chiropractic Can Reduce Pain

Sciatica pain is a common complaint in a chiropractic office. Are you experiencing pain along one side of your body from your lower back down through your hip and the back of your leg? If so, you could be suffering from a condition called sciatica. According to the Mayo Clinic, sciatica pain can best be [...]

What is Piriformis Syndrome? Can Chiropractors Help?

What is Piriformis Syndrome? A small muscle located deep in the buttocks, the piriformis muscle performs the essential function of rotating the leg outwards. There are times when our patients search for information about their back pain before arriving at our office.  A common question I’m asked is “what is Piriformis Syndrome?”  Piriformis Syndrome is [...]

What Our Greenville SC Chiropractic Patients Need to Know About Sitting While Working

Sitting while working is a reality for many Americans.  Today's blog post touches on the physical challenges which the modern workplace inflicts upon our bodies. It's no secret that exercise is good for you. Many articles and books have been written and studies completed on the subject of physical fitness. However, lately it's been discussed [...]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Sufferers – 4 Ways Greenville SC Chiropractic Can Help!

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a serious, painful nerve injury that affects many people in the United States. CTS occurs when the median nerve, which runs down a person's forearm to his or her hand, gets compressed in a region of the eight bones of the wrist called the carpal tunnel. This injury is frequently caused [...]

The Prevalence of Back Pain in School Kids Who Use Backpacks

Backpack pain is an all too common condition of school-age children.  While back pain is a known and widely-studied issue in adults, its prevalence in school-aged children has received comparatively little scientific attention. Elementary, middle, and high school students must often carry backpacks that weigh enough to cause chronic back pain, poor posture, and even [...]

5 Tips Chiropractic Patients Can Use When Choosing The Perfect Pillow

Looking for the perfect pillow for your neck pain? Neck pain is nobody's friend, and it is definitely not an ideal sleeping companion. Pain-filled nights can leave a person dull, groggy, and not ready to face the day in the morning. Unfortunately, certain sleeping positions can further aggravate neck pain to the point it robs a person [...]

How Our Greenville Chiropractic Can Help Patients Who Suffer From Arthritis

Arthritis care is a hot topic in media and drug ads.  It is becoming more common for people to visit chiropractors to treat a variety of different kinds of pain. Greenville SC  chiropractic treatment provides many benefits to people who suffer from a wide variety of conditions like arthritis. In today’s article, I'll explore how Greenville [...]

Pokémon Go and Text Neck – 5 Things Parents Should Know

As a chiropractor Greenville, SC, I've written before about text neck, but the popularity of Pokémon Go among our youth made me decide to revisit the subject. I'll admit, writing a blog post about Pokémon Go seemed very strange to me. You may have noticed teens roaming the streets of Greenville, SC on weekends. They [...]

Is Chiropractic Wellness right for you? You decide.

Is Chiropractic Wellness Care right for you? Chiropractic Wellness Care is nothing new. Doctors have been recommending Chiropractic Wellness Care for a long time. Most people do not know what Chiropractic Wellness Care is all about. My name is Dr. James Maggio. I am a guest blogger on Dr. David Mruz’s Greenville chiropractic website. I have [...]

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