The truth of the matter is that I didn’t have a horse in the race this Super Bowl. Because neither the Steelers or Broncos were in the game, it didn’t matter to me who would win. I watched the game to enjoy good competition between the best of the NFL. What became obvious to me while I was watching the Super Bowl at my house in Greenville, is that every team at the highest level of NFL competition has one thing in common–the team chiropractor.

In an earlier blog post about football chiropractors I referenced the Patriots and Broncos and their team chiropractors.

It is not a surprise then, that the Giants have employed New Jersey chiropractor Dr. Rob DeStefano on the sidelines for over a decade. After 20 years of treating pro football players on an individual basis, Dr. DeStefano got a call  in 2002  from the Giants asking him to be their official chiropractor. “I’m just a piece of the puzzle,” he says. “The medical staff at the Giants is the best in the world, top-notch. We work together as a team on the medical side. All our egos are put aside. It’s about getting the player back on the field, however we can do that.” Just what role does Dr. DeStefano play? “I have a very specific requirement that I fulfill,” he says. “They come get me if someone has a neck or hamstring or lower back or shoulder injury. There’s a peril and a potential injury for each player,” says DeStefano. “If you’re a defensive back, it’s upper body because you’re hitting hard with your shoulders and neck. If you’re a lineman, a lot of it can be lower extremities because you’re pushing and the legs are prone to injury and hamstring issues.”

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