No X-rays? No appointments? No hidden fees?  Perhaps you’ve seen billboards and slogans…

The point of the joint

Let’s talk about what you can expect at Eastside Chiropractic PA (and most chiropractic offices):

  • Each new patient receives a thorough examination to rule out any medical red flags. If there is something of a more serious nature found, the proper imaging study/test will be ordered or the correct referral will be made.
  • Patients are seen at times that are patient-friendly (as early as 7AM!), with minimal to no waiting because of the efficient booking of appointments.
  • Fees are disclosed, and patients with insurance companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina or employers such as BMW or Michelin are provided with in network fee schedules.  Patients are not signed up for an ongoing, open ended contract.
X-ray is necessary to rule out contraindications to an adjustment.

X-ray is necessary to rule out contraindications to an adjustment.

What doesn’t happen:

In a quality chiropractic setting, a new patient does not simply lie on the table and immediately receive an adjustment.  Why? While chiropractic has an admirable safety record, prudent chiropractors, chiropractic state regulatory agencies, national chiropractic organizations and professional liability insurers all agree that patient safety is served best with a preliminary analysis/diagnosis of a patient.  This analysis may include the use of x-ray or other special studies to rule out contraindications to an adjustment.

The Point of The Joint

The lure of cheap fees is understandably appealing in times of poor insurance, no insurance or ever increasing deductibles. Quality care doesn’t necessarily mean expensive care.  Evidence of quality can be available before visiting a healthcare provider.  Check out reputable review sites like the Better Business Bureau of your town, or check out the Google+ business site for your provider. Yes, it does cost money to properly equip a modern chiropractic office. Money that is spent on lavish marketing campaigns and billboards can certainly be spent on proper patient safety.

The next time you seek out a new dentist, medical doctor or podiatrist, consider whether you would view with suspicion any of these doctors if they boasted “no X-rays, no appointments, no hidden fees!”

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