The cycling community is vast and diverse.  Some cyclists ride purely for recreational purposes, some are weekend warriors; finding races to compete in in local and regional cities throughout the southeast, and a rare few actually make their living racing bicycles.
A common denominator of a pro bicycle is the name of the owner/cyclist on the top tube of the bike.  The cool factor is high, but it also serves an important function to identify the bike at a race.
Eastside Chiropractic has been a sponsor of bike teams in the upstate since 1991, and has enjoyed a long relationship with cycling enthusiasts, most recently the Trappe Door Cycling Team, POA Cycling, Every Woman Cycling and the Greenville Spinners.

We’ve recently re-branded our office with a new logo, and to celebrate the change, and celebrate our state of South Carolina, we’ve partnered with to provide cyclists with discounted top tube decals for their bike, simply use the discount code EASTSIDE when completing the purchase and receive 30% off the price of your decals.
Each order includes a total of 10 decals, so be creative; decal up your bike, your ipad, laptop, etc.  As a perk to those who want to add a bit of panache to their bikes for free, use the discount code EASTSIDE and bring a receipt for your purchase to our office on any office visit, and receive full credit towards any services or products at Eastside Chiropractic.

Celebrate the Palmetto State flag, help us get the word out about Eastside Chiropractic and personalize your ride!  Check it out today!