Recent studies have revealed that over 50 million people battle tension headaches on a regular basis with roughly 12 million suffering daily headache pain.

Of the 50 million who suffer those “tension headaches“, over half are migraines.  What is even more troubling is the fact that 20% of children are regularly suffering from headaches.  Headaches can reduce or destroy productivity both on the job as well as at home.  Headache medications have more adverse reactions and side effects than many realize, and long term use can actually cause headaches!
Headaches are so common, the International Headache Society has classified 129 different types of headache!  The most common of these relate to the muscles of the neck or tension headaches, blood vessels (migraine) and joints (from the neck called “cervicogenic”).

Tension headaches are the #1 reason consumers use over the counter drugs.

Many people resort to medication to try to find relief from headache pain.  Unfortunately, the relief they find is often fleeting, and the pain returns once again.
These numbers, facts, and figures concern me because when you consider that over 85% of headaches are now responsive to chiropractic care, the word has yet to get out about how headache sufferers can be helped.
Our office has experienced considerable success in relieving the cause of headaches.  We utilize state of the art technology with the ProAdjuster Vision instrument to identify the source of the vast majority of headaches.  Our ProAdjuster Vision technology has received a very strong patient satisfaction rating.
If you or someone you know is suffering from tension headaches, consider an evaluation with the ProAdjuster Vision.  Contact our office for a no charge tour visit, and learn about our treatment protocols.  Call 864-292-6777 and schedule a visit today.  You have nothing to lose but your headache!
I look forward to seeing you soon.
Dr. David Mruz