Did you know that over 80% of adults suffer from lower back pain at some point? A pain in the back can be debilitating, and many back pain sufferers are understandably desperate for relief. The first step to pain relief is identifying the cause. One common cause of low back pain is the sacroiliac joint (SI joint).

What is the sacroiliac joint?

We have two sacroiliac joints, one on either side of our sacrum (sit bone). Some people mistakenly refer to the sacroiliac joints as their hip joints. These joints are located in our pelvis. Our pelvis is our center of gravity, and is responsible for bearing the brunt of our weight whenever we walk, lift objects, or move around. So unless you sit on the couch all day, your SI joints have to do lots of work. Fortunately for us, our SI joints are intelligently designed to withstand lots of stress.

Ok, so why does my low back hurt?

On occasion the SI joints don’t move correctly, and that can cause considerable amounts of low back pain.  Sometimes pain from the SI joint is so intense that it literally stops a person in his tracks.  In fact, problems with the SI joint may account for up to half of all low back pain cases seen in doctor offices!  Well then, what causes dysfunction in this joint? Here are the most common causes:

  • A fall resulting in an impact to the buttock(s)
  • “Missing” a step (off a curb, stairwell, etc.)
  • Overuse fatigue from prolonged bending or squatting
  • The altered posture of Pregnancy
  • Foot problems (leg length differences, pronation, plantar pain)
  • Asymmetrical loading (sitting on a wallet, etc.)

Is my sacroiliac joint causing my low back pain?

How would you determine if your SI joint is the cause of your back pain?  The pain can vary from person to person, some common symptoms are:

  • local pain around the SI joint, possibly radiating to the buttock or groin
  • a referred pain pattern to front of the thigh, usually not past the knee, and a vague feeling of numbness or tingling in the thigh
  • pain can be aggravated by weight bearing, moving from sitting to standing or bending

If you are having any pain that radiates, that should never be ignored and you should consult your chiropractor immediately.

Can my chiropractor help with low back pain caused by my sacroiliac joint?

As a chiropractor here in Greenville, I manage problems with the SI joint almost on a daily basis. Chiropractic care can do wonders for this condition, and it is not uncommon for patients to have their pain cut in half with just one treatment!
Of course every patient responds differently to care, but in general, 2-3 weeks of treatment is all that it takes to resolve an SI joint problem.
For Greenville, SC and Upstate residents–call Chiropractor Dr. David Mruz for help with low back pain or sacroiliac joint problems. Otherwise, contact a chiropractor in your area.
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