Pulstar (ProAdjuster)

One of the marvels of the internet is a website known as YouTube.  Via YouTube, I’d like to introduce you to some of my very special patients who have chosen to share a bit about their health challenges, along with the results they’ve seen with the Pulstar (ProAdjuster) instrument you see in the above picture.
I have the opportunity to work with many well known performers from time to time, and was recently asked to be available to care for a Contemporary Christian musical group known as Hillsong United while they were in concert in Spartanburg, SC.  As a result of my work at this concert, a woman named Shannon had a very interesting story to tell.  I’ll let her share it with you.

If you know a person like Shannon who has been through surgery and is still suffering from either pain or disability, please let them know about what you have seen today.

Pulstar (ProAdjuster) instrument adjusting may offer help!

Instrument Adjustment Technology: A Breakthrough in Spine Care in Greenville

Just as advances in technology have touched every part of our lives in the last 20 years, so has this technology advancement had its effects for the practicing Doctor of Chiropractic. Advances in engineering have uniquely blended physics with my skills as a Doctor of Chiropractic to both analyze and treat joint and spine disorders in such a way that could never have been imagined just a few short years ago.

Eastside Chiropractic features the most technologically advanced adjusting instruments using computer technology to measure the degree of stiffness of spinal segments, the frequency or harmonic vibration of the segments and the actual amount of mobility (degree of true motion) of your spine. All of these parts of spinal joint function are influenced by both acute and chronic conditions such as whiplash, sprains and strains and arthritis of the spine. The information that these measurements provide allow me to very accurately determine where to “adjust” your spine. The adjustment of spinal joint problems allows for the restoration of normal joint function and more importantly, normal nerve function. But what are the real benefits to you, as a patient of our office?
1. There is no residual discomfort or muscle soreness from the adjustment.
2. The spinal adjustment ends when maximum response to treatment is accomplished.
3. There are no “cracking” or “popping” sounds during the adjustment.
4. Every age, no matter how young or old can be analyzed without danger or discomfort.
5. I have constant feedback during and after the adjustment.
6. People with osteoporotic, brittle or otherwise difficult bones and joints can be adjusted (treated) without risk.
7. Areas of the spine that could not normally be treated by hand can be easily treated by computerized instrument.
8. Accuracy in evaluation and treatment is greatly improved.
9. In acute and severe injuries the spine can be treated without aggravation of symptoms.
10. Long term degenerative spines can be treated and range of motion can be improved without discomfort.
11. Athletes can have a treatment to enhance performance even up to the last minute before competition.
12. Joints such as elbows, shoulders, wrists, and knees can be treated.
13. Improved spinal motion enhances the ability of the spinal cord, brain and body to communicate together for improved general health and longevity!
Take advantage of the effectiveness, ease and comfort of instrument adjusting for your chiropractic care. Contact Eastside Chiropractic for a complimentary consultation visit today!

Gulf War Veteran and the ProAdjuster Vision

I have the unique opportunity to participate with a wonderful ministry here in Greenville. This ministry is called Miracle Hill, and specifically I get to serve with a number of other local chiropractors at the Miracle Hill Rescue Mission. The Rescue Mission serves as the home for a group of men who work through a 6 month program getting their lives back on track. Many of them have physical challenges, and chiropractic care is a drug free way to help these men become more able to do life more abundantly. Two weeks ago, I met a man enrolled in a program at Miracle Hill who had a very inspiring story. He was a Marine veteran who had led a platoon of men during Gulf War I, and as a result of his service had suffered many severe wounds from a rocket propelled grenade blast which struck a Humvee in front of him. This physically imposing man had put it all on the line for me, my family and for all of you reading this blog. His wounds had healed, but the scarring from his injuries continue to plague him with great pain and disability, and this hero could not endure even the gentle chiropractic manual adjusting work I do for every other man at the mission. I checked with the director, Mr. Slocum and asked if I could come back later on in the week and bring along my new ProAdjuster Vision portable adjusting instrument from my office.
This past Friday at 1:00 in the afternoon, I arrived at Miracle Hill with the ProAdjuster device and set up my “portable office”. After approximately 20 minutes of working with my Marine hero, Mr. Slocum and I saw something that had rarely happened prior to that day. We saw a broad smile cross the face of this brave man. He reported that a significant amount of his pain was gone, and he was moving his head, neck and shoulder more than he had for a very long time without pain! I certainly don’t believe that I will be able to alleviate all of this man’s physical challenges, but if I can serve as a small part of allowing him to re-engage into the society he swore
to protect, and almost made the ultimate sacrifice for, then my purchase of this equipment was well worth it. I will continue to pray for this man, and this ministry, and I invite you to do the same.
Here’s a link to Miracle Hill’s website.