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Shoulder Pain Solutions

Frozen shoulder, although rare in the general population, is a condition which is commonly found among patients coming to my office. The condition is painful, can become life-altering, and when left untreated ultimately requires surgery.

How do you know if your pain is from frozen shoulder?

If you have pain and stiffness before and after attempting to rotate your shoulder and don’t have free range of motion, you have confirmed your diagnosis. Frozen shoulder is most likely to occur between the ages of 40 and 60. There is no research to suggest that any gender, occupation, or arm domination is more predominant in those who suffer, however diabetics may be more commonly afflicted by frozen shoulder.

ProAdjuster chiropractic is an effective treatment for frozen shoulder because it focuses not just on the symptoms, but on the root of the problem. Traditional medical care uses pain medication to treat the pain but not the underlying cause. Side effects from pain medication might aggravate a person’s general health and create additional complications, but not an ultimate resolution of the condition. Chiropractic can offer, most importantly, a path to prevention of the occurrence and recurrence of frozen shoulder.

How does Eastside Chiropractic treat frozen shoulder?

Usually the initial chiropractic treatment for frozen shoulder is pain management through electrical stimulation. Electrodes fastened to the skin send small waves of current that target key locations on a nerve path. This stimulates the release of of pain-inhibiting molecules (endorphins) that block the pain fibers carrying what the nervous system translates as pain.

Chiropractic management in our office involves the use of a variety of techniques to manage the pain and restore range of motion in the shoulder. The advanced technology of the ProAdjuster gently initiates the breakdown of fibrosis (scar tissue). We often use heat and cold stimulation as additional tools to relieve pain. In some cases, a qualified chiropractor at Eastside Chiropractic may incorporate other forms of management in the treatment of frozen shoulder, such as the Graston technique or the Active Release Technique, which require additional advanced training beyond that which is available in most chiropractic offices.

Chiropractic used in the treatment of frozen shoulder addresses the most practical of challenges: getting your shoulder to move easier and getting you  back to a more active lifestyle. Once your posture is improved and you can move with fewer restrictions, the need for pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medications decreases.

Preventing frozen shoulder

The most crucial way that chiropractic helps frozen shoulder is by prevention. Chiropractic care in our office can influence diet, exercise, and the maintenance of your posture. Maintaining a sensible weight, a healthy immune system, and a focus on adequate exercise is essential for good health, especially for maintaining good blood sugar levels in diabetic individuals. Chiropractic can limit the devastating effects of many forms of physical disability such as frozen shoulder.

If you’re suffering from pain in your shoulder, neck or back, contact us for a free consultation. We’ll work to determine the cause of your pain and discuss ways we can help you find relief.

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