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  • Kimber FoldhaziKimber Foldhazi

    Dr Dave and his staff are outstanding! Empathetic treatment from a great Dr. He has taken excellent care of both myself and my husband! Thanks so much!

  • Henry JonesHenry Jones

    I've had services in chiropractic care, decompression, laser, and massage therapy, and they were all amazing. They are extremely thorough in the methods of care. The customer service, quality of care, and professionalism are consistently exceptional. Everyone is so personable and makes you feel welcomed, like you're a part of the family. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for chiropractic or massage care and a conservative approach to treatment.

  • J ProduceJ Produce

    I can't say enough about Dr. Dave and his staff! I travel for work so it has always been a challenge to find the right Chiropractor. After being referred by a colleague, while working in the area, I now commute over two hours each way to get treated and I wouldn't go anywhere else! Thanks for everything! J

  • Terry BotruffTerry Botruff

    Chiropractic care is excellent as many reviews have pointed out. If you haven't tried a massage there I would highly recommend you experience one. Leslie is excellent and you won't believe how great you feel after a very relaxing one hour session. Highly recommended.

  • Reba TurnerReba Turner

    Dr. Dave is awesome and has done great things in helping relieve my husband from pain!

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Chiropractor Taylors SC - Taylors Chiropractic Care - South Carolina

Services for Every Need From Eastside Chiropractor Taylors, SC

Your spine is a very important part of your body. Divided into three regions, it protects your spinal cord and serves as a pillar that supports your body weight. With complex layers of discs, joints, nerves and soft tissues, you can develop spinal conditions as you age or suffer from injuries. Eastside Chiropractor PA is a leading chiropractor in Taylors SC and can provide the treatments that you need. Spinal Conditions That Our Taylors SC Chiropractor Practice Treats

At Eastside Chiropractor, Dr. David Mruz treats numerous ailments of the spine. Some of the most common problems that we can address include:

• arthritis;
• headaches;
• knee, ankle and foot pain;
• lower back pain;
• neck pain;
• sports injuries; and
• jaw joint pain and dysfunction.

The goal at our Taylors SC chiropractor practice is to provide natural options that relieve your discomfort and pain. In many cases, our chiropractor can work with you to correct issues with your spine so that you can live healthier and enjoy a better quality of life.

Our Range of Taylors SC Chiropractor Treatments. When you visit Dr. Mruz at our chiropractic practice, he’ll assess your spine with help from the office staff. The treatment that our chiropractor performs will depend on your spinal health. However, you can learn more about our services in Taylors SC below:

Chiropractor Taylors SC

Spinal Manipulative Therapy (SMT)

– With this treatment method, our chiropractor uses force and twisting with his hands to
maneuver the spine. Traditionally called an adjustment, the treatment is performed on a padded, adjustable table.

Spinal Traction – This form of decompression therapy relieves spinal pressure caused by pinched nerves, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs and other health issues. Our Taylors SC chiropractor uses techniques to stretch your spine, which makes it straighter and improves its ability to heal over time.Chiropractor Taylors SC

Physiotherapy – At our Taylors chiropractor practice, we offer three types of physical therapy. Our cold laser therapy is a painless,

noninvasive procedure that applies low levels of light directly to a targeted area to promote cell regeneration. With interferential stimulation,our chiropractor in Taylor SC uses mid-frequency electrical signals to treat pain, swelling, strains and spasms as well as accelerate natural healing. Our intersegmental traction therapy involves lying on a roller table to gently stretch the muscles and ligaments along your spine.

Massage Therapy – After Dr. Mruz diagnoses your condition, he may recommend that you get regular massages to supplement his Chiropractor Taylors SCtreatment. The two massage therapists at our Taylors SC chiropractor practice can use various techniques to target muscle tissues and enhance your overall care.

Dietary Counseling – There’s more to having a healthy spine than directly treating the bones, ligaments and muscles. Eating the right diet ensures that your spine gets the nutrients that it needs to support your body and protect your spinal cord. Our chiropractor can teach you how to choose healthy foods and nutritional supplements in Taylors SC.

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Don’t mistakenly believe that there’s nothing that you can do about the pain that radiates from your spine. Contact our chiropractor, Dr. Mruz, at Eastside Chiropractor Taylors SC for quality treatment.

Chiropractor Taylors SC - Taylors Chiropractic Care - South Carolina

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Chiropractor Taylors SC

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