Dr. David Mruz of Eastside Chiropractic in Greenville, SC, answers questions about the relative risks and safety of chiropractic care.
Lately various news articles have been written about the safety of chiropractic care. Do a casual search of the web and you’ll find many opinions on the topic. But the most important opinion you should be aware of is the position of the insurance industry.
Insurance companies provide professional liability coverage to all kinds of health care specialists, and the potential for loss determines the premiums which each specialty pays for coverage. Keep in mind that insurance companies are NOT in the business of losing money, so the more risk there is to the patient (that is, the more likely patients could be injured and file a lawsuit), the higher the doctor’s liability insurance will be.
The great news for patients who rely on chiropractic care for their neck pain, headaches or back pain is that chiropractic professional liability coverage is the least expensive—by a large margin—of all healthcare liability premiums.
Part of the reason for the insurance industry’s vote of confidence is that chiropractic care consists of a skill—adjustment to spinal vertebrae—that takes years of clinical experience to hone to expert levels.
In addition to the safety of traditional chiropractic care, the advent of computers has allowed some chiropractors to offer a greater level of sophistication and accuracy in the delivery of the adjustment. Eastside Chiropractic is one of the first offices in the Upstate to offer computerized chiropractic care via the technologies offered by two companies who are pioneers in the field: Sigma Instruments and Sense Technologies.
The safety of computerized adjusting is unparalleled. I have been an expert in the field of computerized adjusting, and even taught other doctors the skill sets in continuing medical education conferences for more than 7 years at locations around the country. We are proud to be a resource to Greenville and the Upstate of South Carolina for conservative, effective and—above all else—safe chiropractic spinal health care.
For more information about computerized adjusting, check out our ProAdjuster page and video here.

Photo:  Alisha Vargas via Compfight