Chiropractic X-rays, What You Should Know…

Are chiropractic x-rays important? I’ve been concerned lately by advertisements from a minority of chiropractors and a Greenville chiropractic national franchise who offer care without chiropractic x-rays. The unstated message is that x-rays are not necessary. These advertisements misrepresent the purpose of x-rays in chiropractic.

Greenville chiropractors are wise to use chiropractic x-rays as an important safety precaution and diagnostic tool in certain situations.

We see many types of patients at Eastside Chiropractic. In reality, not every patient needs to have chiropractic x-rays. However, if a patient is seen for complaints relating to the spine and diagnostic tests reveal evidence of nerve irritation, compression or degeneration, then x-rays can suggest if chiropractic care is even appropriate.  If a doctor fails to take chiropractic x-rays and misses that the patient has degenerative joint disease, osteoporosis, an actual diseased spine or a host of other challenges, then he puts his patient at great risk for injury if he treats with standard chiropractic manipulation.

Examples of cases when chiropractic x-rays provided important information that would affect a chiropractor’s treatment decisions:

Chiropractic care is amazingly effective when rendered appropriately, but as with all health care, the Latin phrase caveat emptor, or “buyer beware” still applies.  Do your own research before choosing a Greenville doctor of any kind including doctors of chiropractic. Ask friends or neighbors about their experiences and whether they can make a recommendation.  Ask your family physician if he or she has any recommendations.
As a chiropractic physician, I always want to make sure that I am providing the most appropriate treatment for my patients. For some patients, x-rays help me determine appropriate treatment methods, or whether a referral to another type of provider is appropriate. If you have questions about when x-rays are appropriate, or how chiropractic can help, contact Eastside Chiropractic for a no cost consultation.
I hope this post answered any questions you had about why chiropractors use x-rays. If you have any other questions related to x-rays or chiropractic care please post them in the comments below and we will be glad to answer them for you.

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