Is Chiropractic Wellness Care right for you?

Chiropractic Wellness Care is nothing new. Doctors have been recommending Chiropractic Wellness Care for a long time. Most people do not know what Chiropractic Wellness Care is all about. My name is Dr. James Maggio. I am a guest blogger on Dr. David Mruz’s Greenville chiropractic website. I have known Dr. Mruz since 2003; He is a very well respected doctor in the chiropractic profession and he is my personal Greenville, SC chiropractor. Dr. Mruz and I have discussed and researched this subject extensively. Let’s discuss how Chiropractic Wellness Care can benefit you.
Most patients seek chiropractic care for one reason. Fast pain relief. Dr. Mruz is one of the finest physicians available to accomplish this. His patients are thrilled with his amazing treatment protocols to make you feel great. Some patients are completely satisfied with fast pain relief and are released from his care. Other patients want more. Sometimes much more.
You see, some patients want more than just feeling good. They want feeling great. They want to be as healthy as possible. They want to know how to take care of themselves to be as healthy as possible. Dr. Mruz is trained to do that. In fact, he even has trained other doctors on how to provide Chiropractic Wellness for their patients who want that benefit. How does he know what you want? Really simple he will ask you. If you want just fast pain relief, he will prescribe only that. If you want complete wellness options, he will discuss those benefits with you. Listening to your goals is his expertise.

So why do patients choose Chiropractic Wellness Care? There are many benefits to wellness care.

Let’s discuss the obvious. If you are healthier you will need less medical care. Going for your annual checkups with your primary doctors and specialists are vital. However, if you take care of yourself, there is less medical crisis.
So why do patients choose Chiropractic Wellness Care?
Patients under Chiropractic Wellness Care have 51.8% reduction in pharmaceutical costs. There is a 62% lower chance of surgeries. How about a 43% reduction in hospital admissions. Not bad for just maintaining your spinal health with Dr. Mruz. There is even a lower chance of worker’s compensation injuries for patient under wellness care. You see if your spine is stable, you can tolerate injuries much better.
There has been a lot of research on wellness care. Some of the following topics have been researched. Look them over and decide if wellness care is attractive for you. More than twenty studies involving subjects who were described as, healthy and asymptomatic, demonstrated measurable objective improvements in such things as range of motion, blood pressure, heart rate, plasma catecholamine levels, immune responses, enhanced respiratory burst, pupil reactions, slower heart rate, and improved pulmonary function while under chiropractic care. Research has shown an increase immune system response. Less sick days for you and your family. One of my favorite studies demonstrated that chiropractic adjustments effectively reduce the average amount of time spent in labor. The data collected showed almost a 25% reduction from the accepted average labor times in first time mothers who had regular chiropractic care during pregnancy, and 33% reduction from the norm in women who had previously given birth.
Digest these facts and let Dr. Mruz which type of chiropractic care you want. He is great at explaining how wellness care can help you.
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