I recently read a Facebook post by the president of Life Chiropractic University quoting an article in the Wall Street Journal. I was pleasantly surprised that an article reporting on the best and worst jobs of 2013  found that Chiropractic is #11 on the list.
The metrics used were physical demands, work environment, income, stress, and hiring outlook, but what was even more interesting was where other health care providers wound up on the list. Veterinarians came in at #15, Podiatrists were at #23, Orthodontists were #33, Dentists were at #42 and General Practice Medical doctors were all the way down at #45, plunging from #39 in 2012.
What does this mean? Perhaps in an age of ever-expanding costs  and government regulation of health care, chiropractic has become a profession which creates solutions of cost containment and benefit to the public we serve. This results in a work environment which has become the envy of others in health care, and this gets noticed! Thank you Wall Street Journal for reporting on what I’ve known for over 30 years.

Photo credit:   Michael Dorausch via Compfight