At Eastside Chiropractic, we provide treatment options so our patients receive customized care on their terms. We explain these treatment options so that patients can pick the option that fits them, and so that patients know what to expect from their treatment plan. Eastside Chiropractic offers 3 main treatment options: relief care, corrective care, and wellness care. Read more about our treatment options, or call us for more information.

Treatment Option 1: Relief Care

Patients who choose relief care when they are in pain, and they just want help, now! Relief care provides enough treatment to help patients feel better, but may not correct the causes of those symptoms. An illustration would be drying a floor that was getting wet from a leaky pipe, but not fixing the leak. Patients who choose relief care often notice that the treatment helps them feel better quickly. However, they may continue to have periodic flare ups, and these flare ups may increase in frequency and/or intensity as their condition progresses. For patients who choose relief care, we are here to help whenever their pain or symptoms return.

Treatment Option 2: Corrective Care

The treatment option includes relief care as a component of a larger treatment plan. Corrective care not only reduces symptoms, but also removes or reduces the causes of those symptoms. For example, a patient has headaches resulting from a vertebral joint dysfunction (what chiropractors treat). This joint problem caused irritation to a nerve which constricted the blood supply to the head which caused the headaches. To review: joint problem > irritated nerve > constricted blood supply to head > headaches.
Most people “solve” headaches with chemical relief care in the form of aspirin or another pain reliever. However, when the medicine wears off, the symptoms return. Corrective care focuses on solving the joint problem. Once the cause is corrected, the headaches will disappear.
How much correction can be achieved? For some of our patients, correction actually means “as good as it can get.” A lifetime lack of spinal maintenance can result in conditions which are merely manageable, and not fully correctable. Corrective care can require 2-18 months of active treatment at a diminishing frequency, sometimes with home care exercises included to aid in the process.

Treatment Option 3: Wellness Care

Wellness care (sometimes called maintenance care) is the form of chiropractic care that occurs when the best level of correction has been achieved.
How Often?
Many adults do well on a wellness care schedule of just one visit per month. Obviously some require additional care, and some need less. On the wellness care schedule, we focus on keeping patients’ bodies working well. Wellness care is like preventative maintenance.
Whether you choose relief care only, corrective care, or wellness care, Eastside Chiropractic is here to meet your needs!
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